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Kia Ora! We are dedicated producer and distributor of fine dietary supplements of New Zealand. Our belief is that there is nothing better than living a healthy life. Hence, our commitment is to provide best quality supplements to those who seek for healthy life of oneself and the family.

We consistently seek for better formulations and ingredients with scientific backgrounds. Something ‘new’ is in fact very familiar to us, as we have been a pioneer in searching and introducing ingredients and products which people had not been familiar of.

Most products of ENZOHEALTH contain our key ingredient, Enzogenol – a pure and unique New Zealand pine bark extract which is protected by world-wide patents. Enzogenol is an extremely powerful antioxidant extracted from barks of New Zealand grown Pinus Radiata, with a special extraction technology which only uses water. Combined with a pure, powerful ingredient of New Zealand and special technology developed by a scientific team of the University of Canterbury, Enzogenol is a specialty product. Upon its established position, more researches are continuously being made to support its powerful functions.