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Supporting Healthy Brain Function


Nutrition research has shown that Enzogenol supports healthy brain function, and may support improved cognitive performance in generally healthy individuals.

The effects of Enzogenol on brain function was studied in a randomised controlled trial by Dr. Andrew Pipingas and Prof. Richard Silberstein at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

In this trial 42 male participants, 50-65 years of age, overweight (BMI>25) and sedentary, were assigned to treatment and control groups, receiving either Enzogenol or placebo for 5 weeks.

The results showed that taking Enzogenol was associated with significant changes in brain function as shown below. Participants were tested with computer-based brain function tests that involve short to medium term memory, concentration ability and decision making. These are cognitive abilities that normally decline when people age







Shown here is the effect of Enzogenol supplementation on cognitive performance on two independent brain function tests. Participants the Enzogenol group showed significant improvements in performance, whereas no changes were seen in the control group. Working memory and recognition memory tests investigate a combination of memory and decision making functions in the brain. The significance of these results can be better understood by comparing the improvements seen with Enzogenol to the normal age related decline in cognitive performance.



Shown to the upward graph is the decline of performance with age on the recognition memory test. Given the average decline in performance for normal healthy people as shown to the right, an improvement of 60 ms as seen with the Enzogenol is equivalent to 12 years of recovered age-related loss in brain function.





The study also investigated how Enzogenol may affect brain electrical activities and interactions between brain regions. Analyses showed that Enzogenol led to unique changes in brain activities indicating enhanced cognitive processing in the Enzogenol group with brain patters of increased calmness and improved focus and concentration. These findings demonstrated how Enzogenol supports healthy brain function, and benefits brain performance.