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Supporting Cardiovascular Health


Nutrition research has shown that Enzogenol supports cardiovascular health through supporting healthy endothelial function (blood vessel elasticity), healthy plasma viscosity, healthy fibrinogen levels and healthy blood pressure.

The effects of Enzogenol on parameters of cardiovascular health were published in the following peer-reviewed research articles.


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Improved cognitive performance after dietary supplementation with a Pinus radiata bark extract Formulation

Dietary interventions may have the potential to counter age-related cognitive decline. This double-blind examined the effects on cognitive performance of a 5 week supplementation with Enzogenol®, pinus radiata bark extract containing flavonoids. The subject of experiment was 42 males aged 50–65 years, with a body mass index >25. Participants were supplemented for 5 weeks either with Enzogenol® plus vitamin C, or with vitamin C only. A battery of computerized cognitive tests was administered, and cardiovascular and haematological parameters were assessed prior to and following supplementation. The speed of response for the spatial working memory and immediate recognition tasks improved after supplementation with Enzogenol® plus vitamin C, whereas vitamin C alone showed no improvements. A trend in a reduction of systolic blood pressure was observed with Enzogenol® plus vitamin C, but not with vitamin C alone. The blood safety parameters were unchanged. The findings suggest a beneficial effect of supplementation with Enzogenol® on cognition in older individuals.

Pilot study on the clinical effects of dietary supplementation With Enzogenol®, a flavonoid extract of pine bark and vitamin C

Flavonoids are naturally occurring plant compounds with established in vitro antioxidant properties and potential cardioprotective effects. We carried out a 12-week pilot study on the effects of dietary supplementation with an extract of bioflavonoids prepared from the bark of Pinus radiata trees [Enzogenol®] containing added vitamin C. Data was collected from 24 healthy subjects aged between 55–75 years at baseline and at 6 and 12 weeks and included, routine biochemical and haematological indices, and anthropometric, blood pressure, forearm blood flow and haemorheological measurements. Enzogenol® supplementation at a dosage of 480 mg/day of pine bark extract and 240 mg/day vitamin C did not result in changes in any biochemical or haematological indice and was associated with a significant reduction in the means of body weight, percentage body fat, systolic blood pressure and plasma viscosity. Basal and hyperaemic blood flow in forearm resistance vessels measured by plethysmography increased significantly during the study. The findings of this pilot study indicate that dietary supplementation with Enzogenol® is safe and well tolerated and is associated with a number of beneficial effects on a range of established cardiovascular risk factors. These changes need to be validated by a placebo-controlled study but are consistent with other studies that have reported beneficial clinical effects following supplementation with bioflavonoids. Copyright © 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

These findings demonstrate how Enzogenol contributes to supporting healthy blood circulation, healthy blood vessel function and healthy blood pressure, all important factors for a healthy cardiovascular system. Findings of reduced fibrinigen levels in heavy smokers indicate how Enzogenol can contribute to a healthy anti-inflammatory balance in the body.