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ENZOHEALTH Neurogenol® Professional


90 softgel capsules
High Strength Brain Support Formulation
Contains Enzogenol NZ Pine Bark Extract 240mg
Ultra Rich DHA Omega-3 Fish oil
Supports focus and mental clarity


EnzoHealth Neurogenol® Professional delivers highly effective brain support in combination of Enzogenol® and extra DHA-rich Omega-3. Clinical research has shown that Enzogenol® at 1000mg per day supports healthy recovery of brain functions such as a short term memory and improves other cognitive failures. In adults and children, Enzogenol® may support concentration, attention and executive brain functions.
Each capsule contains:
  • Enzogenol® (Extract of NZ Pinus Radiata Bark) 200mg
  • High Concentration Omega-3 350mg
        EPA 35mg
        DHA 245mg
  • Adults: Take 2-6 capsules daily with food or as directed by healthcare practitioner.
  • Children: Take 2-3 capsules daily with food.