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ENZOLIFE Chewable Colostrum Probiotics 1250mg (Strawberry Flavour)

120 chewable tablets
Combination of premium probiotics and colostrum
For kids & adults
19 Strans of probiotics (Equitv. to 7 billion CFU)
Strawberry flavour

Enzo Chewable Colostrum Probiotics is a premium formulation of functional probiotics and colostrum sourced from pasture fed dairy cows. Colostrum is known to be a nutritious source of immune factors. Ig-G factor may provide natural immune support. Premium blend of 19 strains of probiotics can provide digestive and immune support.
Each tablet contains:
  • 19 Strains of Probiotics
        Equiv. to 7 Billion CFU
  • Colostrum Powder 150mg
        Equiv. to IgG 30mg
  • Milk Powder
  • Xylitol
  • Take 2-4 tablets daily or as professionally advised.
*Contains Milk and Milk product. Do not take if you have dairy intolerance or allergies.