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neurogenol senior memory


New special product from Neurogenol range
Contains Angelica gigs Nakai
Contains Enzogenol 120mg
Neuro Brain is a new special product from Neurogenol range, with a combination of powerful antioxidant Enzogenol and Angelica gigs Nakai. Angelica gigs Nakai, traditionally called Cham-dang-gui, is one of the most popular herbal medicines in Asian countries including Korea. Angelica gigs Nakai has been used as a functional food product for women’s healthcare, a sedative, and anodyne or a tonic agent.
INM176 extracted from Angelica gigs Nakai may be a candidate molecule for the improvement of cognitive functions, including memory. A new Enzogenol study in healthy volunteers has shown first evidence for the support of mental clarity, focus and brain function.
Each 750mg capsule contains:
  • Angelica gigas Nakai extract 450mg
  • Enzogenol 120mg
Adults only. Take one tablet twice daily with food. For severe symptoms, increase up to four tablets daily.